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Fuu is a brand that believes in the strength of commitment and the importance of corporate social and environmental responsibility. As a small company with fewer than 30 employees, we are committed on many levels to guarantee our customers products of the highest quality, made with respect for the environment, by a competent and well-supported team.

Quality of manufacture and top ingredients

To guarantee quality and safety vapers, we are engaged in a certification process aimed at obtaining the XP D90-300-2 standard for electronic and electronic cigarettes. This standard imposes on us an organization and working methods allowing a manufacturing of the products under optimal conditions. We are also committed to the nature and quality of the ingredients used. Here are the main features of our organization and an overview of our quality commitments:

  • Specific specifications, materials by subject, applying to the purchase of the ingredients used in the composition of eliquides.
  • Written traceability system, dedicated information system in the company and, working rules shared by all employees
  • Internal analysis laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and staff trained in its use
  • Use of external laboratories to complete and compare internal analyzes
  • Metrological control procedure to regularly calibrate measuring instruments, packaging machines and check the capacity of the bottles used
  • Quality control procedures at all work stages of the HACCP-type company

Recycle and avoid waste

Fuu is affiliated with the Eco-Emballages organization, which supports and finances local authorities to implement efficient recycling solutions. Today, PET, the plastic component of Fuu e-liquid jars can be perfectly recycled and reused, limiting the consumption of raw materials.

During its production, Fuu takes care of sorting its waste and returning it to the appropriate treatment channels. We try to reuse cartons as much as possible in order to limit our environmental impact. Finally, we put in place many good practices to save water and energy.

In 2015, we acquired a cardboard recycling machine that allows us to turn it into calibration. At the end of the day, there is no more controlled wedging and almost 3.5 tonnes of cardboard saved and recycled per year!

Effectively treat the waste generated by our activity

Unfortunately, everything can not be fully recycled in the vape.

Used batteries should not be thrown in the trash but treated like batteries. Fuu is affiliated with Corepile, an eco-organization that supports and funds local communities and companies that invest in the collection and recycling of batteries. Fuu is an official collection point of the Corepile network and offers its professional customers to take charge of the recycling of batteries collected in the shop. Individuals can do the same via existing networks by returning their used batteries to their retailer, or simply by sending them back by mail.

Eliquids should not be discharged into wastewater systems. Nicotine is dangerous for aquatic organisms. During its production activities, Fuu generates small amounts (about 20 liters per month) of nicotine-laden liquid. We use a specialized company that collects this liquid and eliminates it without risk to the environment and human health.

100% renewable electricity

Fuu's electricity supplier is Enercoop, a company that only offers electricity from 100% renewable sources: wind, solar, hydro ... We are thus committed, through our industrial choices, to support the development of a electricity production sector that focuses on renewable rather than fossil and nuclear. This is an additional cost for Fuu, but it allows the renewable energy sector to be directly improved and to participate collectively in the energy transition effort.

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