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Kits are all-in-one solutions to start without wasting time. Box + pre-mounted atomizer, no need to be specialist. Oriented beginner, but experts can also find their happiness. Load and fill with your favorite E-Liquid of the day ... That's it you ready for the adventure !!!

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Mods / boxes are electronic cigarettes of the latest generation. Electronic mods are boxes regulated by an electronic chip. They allow to modify the power in order to have the desired vape / flavor rendering. Some offer temperature control mode, which allows you to vape at full power while maintaining a low temperature of your resistance. A careful selection of MODs to guarantee you a maximum of security and a comfortable vape!


E-Liquids of French design are a guarantee of safety and quality, but we reinforce this by a precise selection. It is the same for those of other origin. compliance with standards is part of one of the selection criteria.


A rebuildable atomizer gives you the ability to build your own resistance from the consumables offered and change it when the previous one is worn. It is therefore a type of economic atomizer, but rather reserved for advanced users. Unlike rebuildable tanks (or RTA), the dripper (RDA) does not have a reservoir of liquid: you will need to soak your cotton frequently. Your patience will however be rewarded because it is considered that the drippers are the atomizers offering the best rendering of the flavors of the market, besides they are usually accompanied by huge clouds of smoke! Another advantage, the dripper allows to change more frequently flavor, without residual taste. An essential tool for any self-respecting steam!

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Who we are?

The website Djomaster VAPE is specialized in the sale of electronic cigarette, e-liquid and derived products on Saint-Martin & Sint-Maarten. Project resulting from a strong demand for advice on the use and / or acquisition of electronic cigarettes and product of vape in this geographical area.

Djomaster, a past smoker, is passionate about the vape since 2014, when the electronic cigarette became a revolution in the market, but also convinced of the future of this technological product especially when we know the health risks face of smoking.

The electronic cigarette became a common and popular use, but especially an alternative to tobacco consumption. Used as a limiter, substitute, simple pleasure or passion, it leaves no one out. From the simplest to the most complex setup, the goal is to move at your own pace and according to your desires. Infinite choice of combination!

There is no perfect kit. Each one its own style !

When we talk about electronic cigarette we talk about e-liquid.
Djomaster VAPE makes the best to select the best e-liquid from the market, from different origins (France, UK, Canada, USA ...). So everyone will get it to their taste and on their behalf. Hundreds of different flavors exist on the market to fulfill everyone's preferences.

The best e-liquid does not exist. Everyone's taste is different !

To conclude, Djomaster VAPE is engaged in partnership with major valuable person of the French Vape concerning the advice but especially with large and serious wholesalers who provide certified products and quality in total adequacy with the European requirements and for the protection of its users.

Thanks again for your interest,
and Happy Vape !!!

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